Design/Build Zoolutions

African Penguin Exhibit—Underwater Viewing & Shade Shelter


African Penguin Exhibit

The African Black Footed Penguin exhibit demonstrated that even complex and technically difficult zoological projects could be successfully delivered using the Design/Build approach. The project required the transformation of an existing faux canyon into an exhibit. Due to the small foot print of the site and the extensive life support system requirements, a remote water treatment center was designed. A two story CMU block and concrete building was erected and hidden inside faux rock to provide the holding and keeper area of the exhibit. The viewing tank was constructed of a stainless steel frame and laminated glass panels. A canopy was erected, utilizing a steel frame, topped with a synthetic thatch system providing shade for both patrons and penguins. The cost of designing and building the project was approximately $700,000.00 and within a nine month period, the project was taken from conception to use.

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