Expedited Zoolutions

Q3—Large Mammal Quarantine


MetalMan was hired to deliver this facility on an emergency basis. The Zoo was embarking  on the Giants of the Savanna Project and had a desperate need to bring in a new elephant that was available.  We were tasked with designing, permitting and constructing the facility “as quickly as possible.” J V McLure worked continuously with the Zoo Director and Animal Staff until a design was approved.  Through our contacts with the City’s Building Department, we secured the necessary building permit in a matter of days. We salvaged the steel skeleton of a structure as we demolished an existing building to make way for the Savanna. While the salvage operation was under way, we were installing the building’s foundation and fabricating the heavy gates and restraint devices in our shop. The day after the foundation was poured, steel was going up, gates were going in, and the yard was being built. As with all zoo projects, as we built what was originally desired, scope was added, and the facility became more complex. We worked, days, nights and weekends. We made demands upon our workforce, vendors and subcontractors. Five weeks after being tasked with the undertaking—we delivered. On March 31st, 2009, Gypsy was living in the new facility and the Dallas Zoo and Jenny were on their way to having a dream come true.

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